Making the mould usable.

Not having used a mould for making a guitar it is something I am going to have to learn how to use. There are many tasks that can be simplified by using a mould. I will remark on them as I come across them. It will be nice to actually make a guitar that is dimension-ably accurate.

The mould has 50x5mm drill holes of 80mm deep. I have made a number of pegs from sycamore, each one has a 4.8mm hole drilled through it and a 76mm screw screwed through the hole, the hole is a tiny bit smaller than the diameter of the screw thread making the screws captivated. The screw pegs are pushed into the 5mm holes to clamp down whatever you want. The screws automatically grip the edges of the 5mm hole they are inserted into. This is a very fast method of clamping and works really well. The idea came from the local luthier chap. Talking to this guy is like talking to an encyclopaedia of guitar making.
In the top right of the picture you can see the two halves of a wooden clothes peg, I am using these as little wedges that can be pushed between the screw pegs and the work for a bit of extra clamping pressure. I decided it was easier to use clothes pegs rather than make a whole bunch of bevelled pegs.
I am about to start on guitar 5 and I might make some of guitar 6 at the same time.

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