Sound boards and holes, even rosettes.

I still need to reduce the sides in the sander, because the extractor I am using is a household vacuum cleaner I have to allow it too cool down after 10 minutes of use. The vacuum takes about 30 minutes to cool down so I have been reading while waiting. While I have to wait for the vacuum to cool down as I reduce the sides I am going to fit the bracing to the soundboards. I am just trying to be a little more productive.

Here are the pictures of the soundboards and the rosettes.

The classical rosette fitting did not go to well, I had two slips with the chisel. I decided I did not want to use the router to fit either of the sound hole inlays. I decided that learning to fit rosettes entirely by hand would be a challenge and I like carving wood. The classical rosette has ended up with an extra ring around the outside (An ash veneer). It was the only way to erase the mistakes. Neither rosettes ended up being as good a fit as they would have if I used a router but they do look okay.

So now I will be sanding the sides down to size and cutting, shaping and fitting the bracing for the soundboards and backs.

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