Long time no post.

Not been very well so nothing has been getting done but finally things are getting better and I get guitar number 5 completed. (Well all but fitting new strings).

I had a problem with the bridge on this guitar, I can’t go into any detail as I don’t understand the cause of the problem. The problem was that the intonation went out and when I next get to chat to my local luthier I will without doubt get to find out what caused the problem.

Anyway, my answer to the problem was to fit a jazz style tail piece to this classical guitar. I had already discussed doing this on perhaps the next guitar but when this problem surfaced I saw the jazz style tail piece and bridge as the answer to a problem I don’t understand. I know this all may sound a bit cryptic but honestly I don’t yet understand the cause.
So, here is a couple of pictures of the new jazz style tail piece and bridge and the guitar is playing really nice and sounds good too.

Well that is all for now. I am intending making two more guitars, these will both be ‘Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitars’ with mahogany back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and mahogany neck. These guitars will be virtually identical. After that I am thinking of making an Hawaiian guitar or maybe a piano, still thinking about this.
Keep coming back as things do get done eventually.


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